Say Goodbye to Earwax Buildup with Wax Free Ears Clinic

Are you feeling discomfort due to earwax buildup? Well, it's time to bid farewell to this issue with the Wax Free Ears Clinic. Our professional ear wax removal Oxford services can help you get rid of the accumulated wax from your ears safely and effectively. Today, you'll find all the amazing benefits of choosing our Clinic over other similar services.

Who We Are?

Wax Free Ears Clinic is a group of specialists with years of experience under their belts and love and a keen zeal for ear care. We proudly deliver the best professional Aylesbury ear wax removal services from Aylesbury and Oxon Ear Syringing home visits that private people might find difficult.

The service menu includes an instrument called ear wax microsuction that helps to remove wax and other materials with irrigation and other medical-approved notions to make your ears clear. Ensuring hygiene and cleanliness of our equipment is a top priority for us and we sanitize our equipment with complete sanitizer before use.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Clinic

The decision to come to Wax Free Ears Clinic will let you confirm that in the field of ear care, you are collaborating with the best experts. The audiologist members of our Oxford ear wax removal team boast of deep knowledge coupled with many years of experience in providing ear hygiene and tinnitus treatment services to those affected. We offer treatments based on each individual’s requirements. Not only this, but we do the ear wax removal to your home to allow you to visit us while being comfortable at the house. We bring our services directly to your doorstep, and you can rest assured that you are getting the same quality services as patients who go through our ear wax removal Oxford Clinic.

Understanding Earwax Buildup

Wax buildup tends to be an issue to all — old or young, male or female, who live a homogeneous way of life or not. The exorbitant production of ear wax is a result of diverse factors like the overuse of Q-tips, wearing hearing aids, earplugs and or headphones and the natural ageing process.

Symptoms of earwax accumulation diverge and at that time may elude. On the other hand, the characteristics may include eardrum bleeding, earache, ringing in your ear, hearing loss, sudden episodes of vertigo, itching, and the discharge of liquid from the ear.

Our Home Visits Services of Ear Wax Removal Oxford

Earwax buildup causes real issues due to the discomfort or the danger to your health status. However, a visit to an ear wax removal Oxford for this procedure may take a lot of time on top of being inconvenient, which will be very unpleasant for those with minimal time.

Homemaker services are also dished out with auxiliary advantages. For starters, this way you avoid the time and money-consuming travelling to the Oxford ear wax removal clinic. Indeed, a reduced budget for you indeed. The second thing to note is that you can experience a service level equivalent to what you would get at our clinics even when you are virtually taking care of your health.

Our Earwax Removal Techniques

We offer different types of ear wax techniques like micro suction and irrigation. The micro suction method is the option that is a highly precise, well-tolerated and gentle earwax removal process which is carried out by utilising a microscope and vacuum. It is an under-the-ear wax removal with needles without any pain.

It makes sure the process is so complete and comprehended. Irrigation as the other method, is a technique that involves flushing the ear canal with water aiming to remove impacted (encrusted); and build-up of wax in the ear canal.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

Have you ever questioned how to avoid earwax accumulation in front of you? It ends right here in our ear wax removal Oxford Clinic. If you are looking for a quick, simple and safe earwax removal treatment. Our team of diverse experts thoroughly cleans and follows the protocols for supporting health and sanitation. This way, you will be sure to receive the necessary care.

Our arsenal of tools includes top-of-the-range technology and are armed with the know-how and expertise to conquer even the toughest earwax obstacles. Goodbye to all the discomforts and hazards you can experience with earwax buildup with us.

Wrap Up

The key factor you need to understand is that the significance of earwax removal cannot be minimised. This is quite in contrast if neglected; it may lead to different types of ear wax complications. Our employees receiving in-house training and being conscious of hygiene and safety are equipped with the latest tools and practices like ear wax microsuction and irrigation. Schedule your visit today and relieve the hassle of it all - forget about the worries and completely indulge in ear care.

Charges: £55

The charge is payable upon a successful ear wax clearance. This is regardless of whether one, or both ears are treated. We do not charge for unsuccessful attempts to remove ear wax.

Please call us on 07762 819917 for further information.